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Our area for testing

This is the area that we’ll be testing the project around. The area is steeped in history and has a great many historical maps that re kept online for us to access.

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Stumbled across this interesting post as an alternative to using smart phones.  Using radio networks rather than phones to relay GPS information, it’s like a CB version of twitter.

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Victorian Town Plans Overlays

Ian found this at the National Library of Scotland Victorian town plans top satellite views Elgin satellite and town plan layers. List of town plans with overlays The latest feature in their online maps series makes it easy to contrast … Continue reading

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Hear Planet for iPhone

This is kinda fun for the iPhone – its plays wikipedia citations according to the geo-location information. Obviously many of these are historical. http://www.tuaw.com/tag/geolocation/ I’ll install on my iphone and feedback after wandering the streets of edinburgh!

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Data visualisations in Time and Space

Just as a follow on from yesterdays post I came across this interesting project – Synchronous Objects via One Floor Up The Cued Annontations view is really interesting, looking at how the dancers react to one another and how that … Continue reading

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Data Visualisations and Time

As time will be one of the navigation elements in the project I was having a look through some implementations in other projects. I came across this rather interesting timeline of timelines. Smashing magazine have done a couple of round … Continue reading

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Situationists City

An interesting thought that springs to mind about the experience of walking a city but using a map that doesn’t ‘match’ the actual space, is Guy Debord and his writings upon the Situationists International. A classic example might be Debord’s … Continue reading

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