WalkThruT: A web app that provides historical maps to people with smart phones

Screenshots or diagram of prototype:
•    http://walkingthroughtime.eca.ac.uk/?page_id=2



•    Final copy of user manual and description

Link to working prototype:
Please contact: c.speed@eca.ac.uk to get URL

Link to end user documentation:
◦    We feel that the YouTube video was the most effective and user centred piece of explanatoy documentation:
◦    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJwYv-6wgf8

◦    Micro Site: http://www.walkingthroughtime.co.uk


Link to code repository or API:
◦    Source Forge Site: http://walkingthrough.sourceforge.net/

Link to technical documentation:
◦    Technical Report

Date prototype was launched:
◦    User testing began throughout September, with a refined version available at the end of September: 30/9/09

Project Team:

Chris Speed, c.speed@eca.ac.uk – Edinburgh College of Art

Ian Campbell, i.campbell@eca.ac.uk – Edinburgh College of Art

Karlyn Sutherland, karlyn_sutherland@hotmail.co.uk, Edinburgh College of Art

Dave Berry, Dave.Berry@ed.ac.uk – Information Systems, University of Edinburgh

Peter Pratt, Peter.Pratt@ed.ac.uk – Information Systems, University of Edinburgh

Petra Leimlehner, Petra.Leimlehner@ed.ac.uk – Information Systems, University of Edinburgh

Jeff Haywood, Jeff.Haywood@ed.ac.uk – Information Systems, University of Edinburgh

James Reid, James.Reid@ed.ac.uk – EDINA

Tim Urwin, T.Urwin@ed.ac.uk – EDINA

Project Website:
◦    http://walkingthroughtime.eca.ac.uk/

PIMS entry:
◦    https://pims.jisc.ac.uk/projects/view/1350

Table of Content for Project Posts
◦    http://walkingthroughtime.eca.ac.uk/?p=32 – Technical Start
◦    http://walkingthroughtime.eca.ac.uk/?p=98 – Is this the answer – Geolocation
◦    http://walkingthroughtime.eca.ac.uk/?p=107 – Getting Started
◦    http://walkingthroughtime.eca.ac.uk/?p=110 – Our Edinburgh?
◦    http://walkingthroughtime.eca.ac.uk/?p=114 – The artists view
◦    http://walkingthroughtime.eca.ac.uk/?p=118 – Meeting one a summary of work up to that point
◦    http://walkingthroughtime.eca.ac.uk/?p=121 – Art meets Tech – Chris and Karlyns write up
◦    http://walkingthroughtime.eca.ac.uk/?p=130 – Tech fights back – early prototyping using balsamiq
◦    http://walkingthroughtime.eca.ac.uk/?p=150 – Mr Speed and his iPhone
◦    http://walkingthroughtime.eca.ac.uk/?p=155 – Outline of what came next
◦    http://walkingthroughtime.eca.ac.uk/?p=162 – Summary of the work up to that point
◦    http://walkingthroughtime.eca.ac.uk/?p=169 – Cross Platform – how does Android look or the day before Dave came to visit
◦    http://walkingthroughtime.eca.ac.uk/?p=176 – First cut is the deepest? A summary of feedback up to this point
◦    http://walkingthroughtime.eca.ac.uk/?p=179 – Meeting summary
◦    http://walkingthroughtime.eca.ac.uk/?p=183 – Post JISCRI event
◦    http://walkingthroughtime.eca.ac.uk/?p=185 – Web Application findings
◦    http://walkingthroughtime.eca.ac.uk/?p=188 – Google API changes
◦    http://walkingthroughtime.eca.ac.uk/?p=190 – Caching – web app fights back
◦    http://walkingthroughtime.eca.ac.uk/?p=193 – One of the last formal meetings
◦    http://walkingthroughtime.eca.ac.uk/?p=205 – lo, the user speaks…
◦    http://walkingthroughtime.eca.ac.uk/?p=209 – Chris’s project Evaluation
◦    http://walkingthroughtime.eca.ac.uk/?p=214 – The Developers speak
◦    http://walkingthroughtime.eca.ac.uk/?p=226 – Chris speaking for the Users

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