Minutes of project meeting, 22nd October 2009

Present: Chris, Dave, Peter, Petra


  • Chris has uploaded the MP3 file of the discussion with the Historical Society and the promotional video.  We will continue to improve these.
  • Peter gave a 10-minute pitch at the “This Happened” event on Monday 12th October, which went down well.  We got some vey good questions from the audience.
  • Dave wrote a joint article with Richard Rodger, Steven Vickers & James Reid for the University’s internal IS newsletter.
  • Chris’s paper was accepted for the Mapping, Memory and the City in Liverpool.
  • AHRA – The Architectural Humanities Research Association – is meeting in Edinburgh on Nov 20-21.  Chris will give a demonstration of Walking Through Time.
  • IT Futures – Chris and Ian to give a presentation at the university’s IT futures workshop on December 15th.
  • Chris to set up a web site, to complement the blog.

Work Package 6 (User Community and Embedding)

  • Karlyn’s work with students went well.  Karlyn to blog.
  • One UI improvement was to provide on-screen buttons for switching between years.
  • Ian will invite the Historical Society to see the improved version.

Work Package 7 (Closure)

  • Petra to put the code on SourceForge.
  • Dave & Chris to prepare the final blog post.
  • Dave will complete the IS completion report.
  • Petra and Peter producing user manual and technical documentation.


  • James to arrange a meeting with Landmark re map licensing.
  • Dave to speak to Informatics’ KT staff.

Future support

  • IS will keep the current server running.
  • The blog will remain open.

Next Meeting: Monday 9th November, 12:30pm

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