Minutes of project meeting, 8th October 2009

Present: Chris, Ian, Karlyn, Dave, Peter, Petra

Chris has produced an MP3 file of the discussion with the Historical Society.  He needs to edit this further, after which he will put it on the blog.

Chris has also produced a promotional video which will be posted to YouTube.

Peter will give a 10-minute pitch at the This Happened event on Monday 12th.

The AHRA Meeting (Architectural Humanities Research Association) will be in Edinburgh on Nov 20-21.  Chris will give a demonstration of Walking Through Time.

BITS is the internal IT newsletter for the University.  Dave will mail other researchers working on historical maps about a joint article.

Chris and Ian will give a presentation at the university’s IT futures workshop on December 15th.

Chris will set up a web site, to complement this blog.

Work Package 5 (User Community Enhancements)
We completed the development.  There were only a few days on this WP5 after the last project meeting, so the bulk of the changes were as reported there.

Work Package 6 (User Community and Embedding)
Karlyn has started to work with students.  One piece of feedback was whether we can record a route.  We don’t currently provide this functionality.  We could add this but it hasn’t been a priority.  We would have to think about how to represent the route.  To an extent, this functionality isn’t the key point of the application.

We will invite the Historical Society back to see the improved version.

We had a discussion about the licensing of the map data, which is restricted to users in UK Higher Education, and how we could extend access within the terms of the license.  One idea was to set up a user group.

Next Meeting: Thursday 22nd October, 2pm

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