Minutes of Project Meeting, 23rd September

Present: Chris, Karlyn, James, Peter, Petra, Dave

Historical Society feedback
The meeting with the Historical Society was useful but a little disappointing.  The system didn’t work well on this occasion.  It turned out that one iPhone had 3G turned off and therefore didn’t work at all.  The other had UI problems that we hadn’t been encountered before.

The users were also frustrated that they couldn’t zoom in to see the maps in more detail.  This didn’t work because the map images that we are using were scanned at only 300dpi.

Among the feedback on the UI, the users requested a button to switch back to the Google Maps without using a menu, and they would have liked an online introduction.

Work Package 5 (User Community Enhancements)
– To improve the download time, we compressed the images, cached downloaded images, and optimised the Javascript and HTML code.
– We improved the UI in response to feedback.
– Among new features, users have ability to create their own markers and routes, upload them to the server and share them with others.
– The beta version of the new Google API is still lacking some functionality so we haven’t been able to use it.

Work Package 6 (User Community and Embedding)
– The Conservation students are now back.  Chris and Karlyn will lead them in exploring the opportunities that the system allows.
– We will buy an iPhone 3GS for user tests
– Minor point: we need to add functionality to see full the text associated with a marker.
– Minor point: we need to modify map names to indicate scale more clearly.

NLS maps
We have been in discussion with the National Library of Scotland to get access to higher resolution, pre-OS, maps.  These won’t be available in the timeframe of the project, because they need to be georeferenced.

Discussion of followup activity
We discussed possible followup activities, both academic and commercial.

Management Actions
Dave to check budget re iPhone purchase and expenses for Manchester trip.

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