Work on the Basics

With our recent successes in prototpying our next step is to get the basic functionality agreed:

Create Database Model -> 1 day
follow the user – > poll position – 1 day
Navigation across the top – to change the map layers – Fixed – 0.5 day
Query and display of markers – API – 2 days
Simple Route – 3 days

This is what we are looking at for our first bigger release of the software.  Our prototype at the moment is running away quite nicely at the back of the room but we are looking to build in the database functionality as our next big step.

In the loose set of requirements we identified for next bigger phase, include the following:

Routes Administration
Edit Landmarks
Settings and displays of application
Adding Notes to Landmarks
View by Notes – Using the Notes against a landmark to drive the navigation in terms of tagclouds etc
View by Landmarks – Sizing of the landmarks with the time period relating to size.
Make the routes more complex – changing the layers as the user progresses through the route.

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