Notes from the project meeting of July 31st

Action report
All the actions from the July 21st meeting have been done.

WP2 Status
We have enhanced the interface to produce a usable demo, including navigation between layers and overlaying of different layers.  We have improved the HTML/CSS that we produce to better support multiple browsers.
EDINA provided better code for mapping between projections which has helped a lot.
Images are now served via a web proxy so that VPN access is not required.
One limitation is that as the historical maps are only available at certain zoom levels, the user can zoom to levels where no historical information is available.

WP3 Plans
The first task, which is under way, is to add functionality so that the blue dot moves on the map as the user moves.
We will refine navigation between layers by adding buttons to switch directly between layers.
Then we will provide support for landmarks and for defining simple routes via waymarkers.
The result should be suitable for the extended user testing of WP4.

We will postpone the provision of simple note tagging as this is not as much a priority as the other tasks.

WP5 preview

WP5 was deliberately left underspecified so that we could respond to user feedback and experience.  Currently is seems likely that tasks for WP5 will include administration facilities for building routes and work to dynamically reposition the overlay of maps to ensure better alignment based on the user’s current position.

Peter to blog potential requirements
Karlyn to find users outwith the project team to try the system in its current state.

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