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Augmented reality

Came across this which is next generation  mobile Рaugmeted reality!!!

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First iPhone App

Hi guys this is a workshop i’m giving with Jen Southern at FutureSonic next week… it uses a small iPhone App coded by Jochen from Informatics…

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Hear Planet for iPhone

This is kinda fun for the iPhone – its plays wikipedia citations according to the geo-location information. Obviously many of these are historical. I’ll install on my iphone and feedback after wandering the streets of edinburgh!

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IceCondor and GeoCubes

While wandering through the RSS feeds this morning I came across two interesting projects via Programmable Web. IceCondor is interesting for a few reasons – it works with social media, location, mashups and it is for the Googles Android platform. … Continue reading

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Open Location Services

Its intersting to note that the geospatial community’s main standards promoting body , whilst having a suite of open location service interfaces, seems not be as dynamic in this areas as in some others. Is this because the market is … Continue reading

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Situationists City

An interesting thought that springs to mind about the experience of walking a city but using a map that doesn’t ‘match’ the actual space, is Guy Debord and his writings upon the Situationists International. A classic example might be Debord’s … Continue reading

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Development Libraries for Mobile Platforms

One of the big issues facing the development of smart phone applications is developing something which will work cross platform.¬† Trying to support multiple platforms can prove to be a challenge but there are a few helpful hands out there … Continue reading

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Jen Southern – Running Stitch

I’m working on a new piece for FutureSonic with Jen that explores collaborative Mapping. Features an iPhone app that is development. In the meantime read about running stitch… Running Stitch is a 5m x 5m tapestry map, created live … Continue reading

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